Committed to the Cause



Co-founder and CEO

Kierra Wang originally made Storiology for her brother, Kenji. Kenji has a rare disease called "Coupe de Sabre" which has around 0.4 to 2.7 cases per 10,000 people per year. He goes to hospitals a lot, so she decided to read a book to him so that she could help take his mind off of the shots and medications. Eventually, Kenji grew a love of learning and Kierra made Storiology so that she can help kids all over the globe that deal with staying in the hospital a lot.



Co-founder and Product Designer

Trustworthy, funny, and sweet are some words used to describe Kenji. Kenji was the inspiration for Storiology because of his frequent visits of hospitals. He started out as the kid with the "speech delay" and turned into the genius kid that had a 9th grade reading level in only 3rd grade! He now helps by reading to kids in hospitals, has been working as the Product Designer, and getting support from his twin brother, Keizou.



Chief Technology Officer

Keizou is the youngest of the 3 "Wang" children. Keizou works along with Kenji to work on the technological portions of the Storiology mission. He is constantly trying to find a way to help others, and currently is reading to sick kids in hospitals all over the community. He shares his job with Kenji, his twin brother, and always tries to provide the support that Kenji needs every once in a while.